February 14, 2016

Kaba Multihousing

KabaKaba Multihousing (Visit Kaba Multihousing Website)

Through the Saflok and ILCO brands, Kaba offers powerful access control solutions for multihousing facilities that increase flexibility and efficiency while minimizing liability.


Kaba AccessApartment Entry Doors
A multihousing facility, such as student housing, senior living or military housing, is comprised of many entries and exits. The most common structure used for these access points are apartment entry doors.
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Kaba MultihousingPerimeter / Facility Hardware
Main entrances, parking gates, elevators, etc. in multihousing facilities require specific devices to manage the opening of sliding doors, gates and electrified doors, and to meet fire/life safety code requirements.
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Kaba MultihousingAccess Control Software
Kaba’s Electronic Multihousing locks are paired with software designed specifically for senior living, market rate apartment, military housing, student housing and workforce camp facilities.
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Kaba MultihousingMultihousing Access Control Accessories
Kaba offers accessories that scale and extend the desired access control system to meet the facility’s requirements.
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