February 17, 2016

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced DiagnosticsAdvanced Diagnostics (Visit AD’s Website)

Advanced Diagnostics manufacture high quality car key programming & marine engine diagnostic equipment specifically developed for automotive locksmiths, auto technicians & marine watercraft engineers worldwide. We develop all key programming & marine diagnostic software in-house for our products. Currently, over 60 car manufacturers including commercial vehicle manufacturers are supported worldwide.


S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsT-Code Pro Car Key Programmer
(Euro & USA Version) The powerful T-Code Pro key programming tool programs keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsAD100 Pro Car Key Programmer
The worlds best Portable key & remote programming tool for all car makes and models worldwide.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsMVP Pro Car Key Programmer
Innovative PAY AS YOU GO (moneta) car key programmer specifically designed for automotive locksmiths and garages providing key & remote programming services to drivers on the roadside, at home or the office.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsSMART Dongle
The Smart Dongle streamlines the key programming process by saving time – automatically configuring the programming device to the vehicle’s correct make and model. Smart Dongle is designed to be used with AD Pro Testers and is for Locksmiths.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsAD30 Transponder Coil Detector
The AD30 Transponder Coil Detector from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types immobiliser systems using transponder technology.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsAD35 Remote Control Tester
AD35 is an innovative remote control tester developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types of (IR) Infra Red & (RF) Radio Frequency remote controls for all makes & models.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsCodeX Lite EEPROM Kit
CodeX Lite is a user friendly EEPROM and microprocessor package designed to meet the needs of locksmiths, garages and auto electricians.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsDe-soldering Station
A comprehensive kit of quality equipment to enable eeproms and microprocessors to be removed and refitted successfully.
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S&S Security - Advanced DiagnosticsAD36 VAG Group System 1 PINCODE Reader
The AD36 is a standalone device that interfaces with a PC and allows the pin code to be read from VW, Seat and Skoda vehicles with a system 1 immobiliser fitted (6 pin connector).
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